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May 05, 2002
Added 90 pictures from the St. Paul's race last weekend. O, and I am freakn' huge.
May 01, 2002
A couple months ago an article in SI for women wanted "sexy men of sports pictures. On the request of Greg I e-mailed a picture in. The dead line was May 1st, and I got a call from the editor asking for more information on our boat and team. Read the actual e-mail here. It would be great if we get in wouldn't it?
March 03, 2002
Well yesterday was the first day this sites bandwidth exceeded the limits. On March 2 at 22:45 EST the sites bandwidth exceeded the allotted amount for the day I think it's like 120megs or so.

February 21, 2002
Tonight at 8pm on FOX there will be a show EVERY F.I.T. has to watch, Gluttonfest. If you can, join in and eat the sticks of butter and such along w/ them. They should make a home game, hmm,...
February 19, 2002
A movie of an office crew team. Probably from one of those dot com's that went under. Here, it's under a meg.
February 18, 2002
Some of the guys had a nice trip up to Crossgates mall, to Hooters. We also took pictures. Check out the little page here. O, we will have more trips, many more. 
February 4, 2002
Added this seasons e-mails from the coaches. Or most of them, just in case you didn't get them or accidentally deleted them.
January 11, 2001
Have 60 new pictures posted. Calendar is changed and updated.
January 6, 2001
US Rowing Junior National Team Testing results are here: Women's results, Men's results.
December 31, 2001
Images are all up, well most at least. Calendar will be done soon. It might be java based and have pop-ups for all the days. Nifty huh?
December 30, 2001
Decided to do a change. Links on left. Click on them to expand the folders. Pictures don't work. I can't get Tripod to show a FTP like listing. Figure it out latter. Hope everyone has a happy New Year and has had a good vacation.